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Premier Equine Products

Premier Equine Products are designed for performance, halter and draft horses. Absolutely NO silicon! Premier Rose’ Conditioner will never cause slippage of tack or harness.

By providing an incredible moisture level, Premier Rose’ Conditioner, allows the skin and hair to loose the static electricity that can attract dust and dirt. Premier Rose’ Conditioner ensures moisture levels that reduce the ability to soak up and set in stains. The hair generally deepens in color, two to three shades.

This is the product that has been known as the “Barn Secret” for over 15 years. (The beautiful smell always gave it away.) Spray Premier Rose’ Conditioner over the entire body, mane and tail, they can be wet or dry. Brush in. With just pennies per day and in three to five minutes, you can attain the optimum healthy skin and hair you and your horse have always wanted.


Premier Rose’ Pop (Ready to Use)

Save Time!! Here we have a combination of our Premier Rose’ Conditioner and fly repellent that includes ( a botanical insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flowers.) Effectively repels deer flies, horse flies, stable flies, face flies, biting and sucking lice, gnats, houseflies, mosquitoes, poultry lice, mites, keds, fleas, and ticks.

No silicon No Tack slippage

Premier Rose’ can eliminate dry skin, if used as directed, to produce a shine which has been compared to “the wet from the wash rack”, yet dry to the touch.

Directions for use: Shake well, Spray Entire body mane and tail. Brushing into skin is recommended but not necessary Spray on animal when dry. Use daily.

SLT 5004 Qt $19.99



Premier Rose’ Pop ( Concentrate)

Save Time. Mix 1 ½” concentrate in a qt Spray bottle. Use Daily No build up.

SLT 5005 Qt, $49.99




Rose' Conditioner (Ready-to-use)

A leave-in skin & hair conditioner premixed for the entire body, mane & tail. Rose' Conditioner provides a moisture lock to ensure the most beautiful hair coat attainable, yet it takes just minutes a day. It eliminates dry skin and creates elasticity within the hair shaft reducing breakage. We have documented, three to five inches of tail growth within six months. Absolutely NO silicon and doesn't cause slippage of tack or harness.


SLT 5000, 1 Qt $14.99
Rose' Conditioner (Concentrate)

Concentrated for your own mixture. By providing an incredible moisture level, Rose' Conditioner, allows the skin and hair to loose the static electricity that can attract dust and dirt. Rose' Conditioner ensures moisture levels that reduce the ability to soak up set in stains. Known as the Barn Secret for over 15 years.


SLT 5001,  qt $25.99
SLT 5001G Gal. $70.99

Premier White Magic

Never worry again about having their hair, your skin, or your clothes turn purple! Premier White Magic has been the leading whitening and stain removal shampoo in the horse and livestock industry for over 15 years! Premier White Magic Shampoo brings out the beautiful hair on paints, grays, and palominos. Ph balanced, this incredible product whitens the white and intensifies colored hair. Premier White Magic can be used on all species when you need it to be done right the first time!


SLT 5002 1 qt $27.99
Nature's Clean Shampoo

This gentle, Ph balanced shampoo can boost the energy level by opening the pore structure for the skin to breathe. Developed with the performance horse in mind. The natural balance of the skin is maintained. Used in combination with Rose' Conditioner discourages rubbing & itching from dry skin. Leaves the skin soft and the hair shiny! Rinses easily in cold water.




SLT 5003, 1 qt $20.99
SLT 5003 Gal. $38.99

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