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Work harness/Bitting Rig

Made of the most durable harness leather all hardware is stainless steel.  This harness is built to last.  You can start your horse in lines and then add pieces  to hook him  to the cart.  Comes complete :bridle with blinds has over/sidecheck, bit, and caveson . Breastcollar has quick hitch snaps at traces and martingale .  Saddle is heavily padded for comfort and has detachable shaft loops and wrap strap for adding the cart.  Side reins are also included.  With this harness you can train horses to pull the cart and achieve the perfect headset.





SLT  3230, $675.00 Mini

SLT 3231, $750.00 Shetland




Work Backpad
Work Back pad from the work harness  made of best leather and durable   includes  backpad, girth, tirnback and crupper. Snap on shaft loops sold separately
SLT 3232, $259.00 Mini
SLT 3232P, $299.00 Pony


Quick Hitch Breastcollar
Made of durable leather  traces snap into breastcollar
SLT 3233, $149.00 Mini
SLT 3233P, $169.00 Pony


Shaft loops with snaps
Snaps onto backpad so you can hook the cart on.   Snaps are heavy duty.



SLT 3234 $45.99




Leather Bitting Rig
Great for starting young horses and ground driving. Made of durable harness leather with chrome hardware. Comes complete with open bridle that easily converts from a sidecheck to an overcheck, bit, elastic side reins with snaps and backsaddle. The backsaddle is extra wide and heavily padded it also has stabilizers. Multiple rings on backsaddle for more adjustment. Great for getting those head sets.

  • SLT 350, $229.99
  • SLT 350P, 299.99 Pony

Harness Conversion
Convert your bitting rig into a work harness. Includes shaft loops, breastcollar, longlines-draw reins and girth with wrap straps.
SLT 352, $135.99
SLT 352P, $165.99 Pony


Open Work Bridle

Made of light russet harness leather like bitting rig.  Comes with over and sidecheck




SLT 349, $69.99

SLT 349P, $85.99 Pony

Leather Surcingle


Made of russet leather.  Comes with lots of rings for rigging.  Great for setting heads. 

Side reins sold seperately.



SLT 354 $145.99
SLT 354P $199.99


Blinker hood

Made of  black nylon.  The eye and ear holes are lined with polar fleece for added comfort. Comes in 3 sizes. Small is for A size Minis, Medium is for  B size minis. Large is for most Shetlands.


SLT  3235 $50.00



Chifney Bit
Great for use on a bitting rig. Helps to give the horse flexibility.



SLT 248 $24.99

Nylon Training Surcingle
Made of durable brown nylon with felt padding. The rings and dees are properly positioned for attaching other training aides. Girth adjusts on both sides. Ideal for schooling needs.

  • SLT 361, $36.99

Side reins Leather
Made of  leather with elastic inserts. Snaps on both ends. Completely adjustable.
SLT351, $25.99
SLT351A, $25.99 Non-Elastic

Training Rings

1 1/2 Inch ring with snap.


SLT357 $7.99

Draw Reins

A must have for anyone training a driving horse. Helps to set the head and teach the horse balance. Made of poly rope and cotton webbing. 12 1/2" or 20' long with double snaps. 1 snap to the backsaddle and the other snap goes to the bit. Lets you put leverage on the horses head. Must be used with caution!


SLT532 $48.99 20'
SLT532A $42.99 12' 6"

Long Lines

20 Ft. Long. Nice for working driving horses.

SLT356 $40.99 20'
SLT356A $34.99 12'6"

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Cathy Waxler
11883 Pleasant Valley Road
Custer South Dakota, 57730

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