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Measuring for a harness: All of our harnesses are very adjustable so there is only two sizes Size A mini (30-34") and Size B mini (34-38"). If you are in doubt as to which size take two measurements.
1. Girth (around the belly about 2" behind the front legs.) 
2. Head (corner of mouth up over the pole behind the ears to other corner of the mouth). Note if your mini is under 30" take the measurements and call. We do custom sizes if necessary.

About our harness: All of our harnesses are American made. Everything is stitched and padded where necessary to enhance the comfort of the horse. We have tested and used all of the harnesses on our own mini's so we can bring you the best fitting harness available. Most of the harnesses are equipped with overcheck bridles that convert into side check bridles. This is an added benefit when you are driving more than one horse as they sometimes require different check systems. We use brass or chrome hardware. All harnesses are complete with bit and ready to use.





Leather Team Harness
Made the same as the SLT 321A leather harness. The breastcollars are heavier with straps to carry the pole. Great way to start working a team. Amish made.

Includes: 2-Breast Collars, 2-Bridles, 2-Back saddles w/Breeching and Team Lines

Not Stocked: Delivery may take 3-4 weeks


SLT 379, $795.00

Team Harness Conversion

Buy the team reins and breast collars to convert 2 single harnesses into a team harness. You get the team reins and the breast collars with the straps for the pole and breeching. Comes in A and B size. Chrome or Brass hardware.

Not Stocked: Delivery may take 3-4 weeks


SLT 379TP, $375.00


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