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Training and Showing the Miniature Halter Horse

Pat Elder brings her unique teaching methods to the subject of training a halter horse in this excellent how-to book for Miniature Horse owners. Using her well-known "natural" and humane methods, Pat walks the reader through every step of the process. Over 90 photographs and illustration emphasize every point the author makes. 152 pages soft cover

SLT 2500 $23.95


Train Your Miniature Horse to Drive

Miniature Horses are fun to drive and easy to train, and Pat Elder will show you step-by-step in this must-have how-to book. Pat shares her tips for choosing the right horse, working in the round pen, sensitivity and responsiveness, and selecting and using equipment. Learn to long-line, understand side reins and bits, parts of the harness, and ground driving before moving on to advanced driving skills and other equipment. Book is filled with photographs. 183 pages soft cover


SLT2500H, $24.95

Liberty in Miniature

Well-known trainer/author Pat Elder, puts everything you need to know in this handy guide to training your horse for showing in Liberty. Stop envying those exhibitors whose horses come when called. Pat will teach how to do all these things and more, including how to choose the right music, what to wear, and how to act in the ring. 87 pages paperback.

SLT 838 $15.95  




Training Miniature Performance Horses

The First Ever Guide to Hunter, Jumper, and Halter Obstacle for the Miniature performance horse.
This great book will help owners train their horses and correct common mistakes. Written by seasoned exhibitor, experienced trainer, and apprentice judge Jennifer Garrett, Training Miniature Performance Horses is an innovative how-to book with lots of sound instruction and observation.
From beginning to end, you'll find photographs, illustrations, and the information you need: proper equipment, reward systems; halter obstacle training techniques including setting up the halter stance; basic and advanced obstacles, plus trailer loading; teaching the horse to jump, beginning and advanced jumps, and choosing a gait; hunter training and decorated jumps; valuable insight into competition in all three disciplines. A glossary, full index, and references complete the book.

SLT 835, $15.95

How to Train Miniature horses for Showmanship

Written by Pat Elder, this book provides everything needed for the exhibitor to be successful in a showmanship class. From choosing your showmanship horse, training, conditioning, and understanding the classes and associations to train your horse yourself. Pat covers all the showmanship positions, and coaches readers in acquiring the proper attire and tack for these classes. Rounding out this guide, the authors gives tips for first-timers and the many things that can go wrong to sabotage the perfect performance. Paperback


SLT 837, $26.95 



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